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Saturday, June 30, 2007
I can't remember if I mentioned that a few weeks ago we were awakened in the night by a loud "bang" which happened to be the pipes underneath our kitchen sink erupting. We got the emergency faucet turner things turned off and the water damage wasn't too terrible, but it is amazing the amount of water that came out and engulfed my kitchen and sunroom before we could get those handles turned all the way off!

Anyhow, hubby bought two new flexible pipe things and fixed the erupted part but the emergency handles wouldn't turn back on without dripping leaking a good bit and nearly falling off. So after having the popcorn bowl under the sink for a few weeks, we called the plumber. Our faucet thing was also seeping a bit, so we went to Lowes and bought a new faucet - we were so surprised how expensive they are! I didn't get the pretty one that I really wanted (the old fashioned dippy kind) because the only ones like that were Price Pfister and our plumber said don't get Price Pfister :O(. So, anyhow, the plumber came this morning at 8 a.m. and stayed a couple of hours and now we have professionally installed new emergency faucet turner things and a new modernish faucet on top. It's a stainless steel one of those high arc ones, by Moen.

I spent most of this day in V's room with my scrapbooking stuff spread out everywhere. I had commented about this on Debbie's blog, and nearly wrote a whole post there, so I'll expound here on my own blog. On her comments, I had written:

"For some reason which is way too psychological for me to figure out, I've not scrapped and it is somehow connected to V not coming home yet. I haven't scrapped ANYTHING not just things related to V. Weird, huh? Now, I don't know if I've pushed past my psychological scrapping hang up or if the hope of accreditation has opened my scrapbooking doors but I'm doing it again."

I still don't understand myself. But I do know this - I am sooo behind in my scrapbooking. I also realized today that since I started blogging, I haven't had many pictures actually printed, I just share them online. I hardly have ANYTHING material for 2007 so I'm going to have to go online and order some prints!! Maybe that's the thing - maybe I've transferred my scrapbooking energies over to my blog. I won't bore you with the details, but 6 hours later, I have all my pictures categorized by year and month and they are in a little file box ready to be scrapped. I'm very proud of myself for that, but it was one big job let me tell you!! I have pictures going back to 2001 that still need to be scrapbooked!!
Blogger jessy said...
Oooh, oooh, can I come?
I know what you mean about the back-up. I've siphoned off too much of my me time into blogging. The scrapbooks are suffering.
I think it is completely natural that you have not scrapbooked in months. Your family has been in a grueling sort of limbo--of course your art reflects that. In March, you never expected another year and a half of family photos without her in them.
Let's have a blog friends scap. Wouldn't that be fun?

Blogger Rachael said...
Just before my oldest (who is 10) was born, I went through a picture organizing phase and put everything in neatly labeled albums or files. Ever since then, I've been saying I need to do that again and it has just never happened! My computer has been glaring at me with a little: "WARNING! We recommend you back up your pictures now" for quite some time, so just doing that (and perhaps turning them into prints :)) would be a great start.

Now scrapbooking....I don't think I have the energy for that anymore!

Blogger Debbie said...
Glad you got your sink fixed.
I've been lazy on my scrapbooking too. I think you had a good point that I blog it now. Which is great when I get ready to scrapbook. If I don't remember when something was I just look for it on the blog. LOL
But I finally finished my 2006 album last weekend.
There's one spot left at the retreat I'm going to if you want to come.

Blogger Esther said...
I wish I lived close enough to you to scrap. I have pictures back to 2004 that I need to catch up on.

Glad you were able to change your post with your baby's name ;o)

I already realized your agency doesn't have accreditation. It's Cradle of Hope that has their papers coming for 4th of July (or roughly). I remember you posted this last week that your agency should have papers within two months or so. But I'm glad you post your points and clarifications regularly in case someone misses an update.

When I said congrats on the accreditation, I meant that because everyone has been waiting for it seeing as your agency will be soon behind and you'll get that court date ;o)

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