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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Well, the lady from Sunday is back pedaling. Doesn't want to sign a contract, but wants us to "hold" the house for her. I don't think so! She's a bit strange. Not sure if I really want her in my house, you know?

We just got through showing it to another older couple (from Minnesota, Amy!) and I liked them. They really liked the house and yard alot. I would be happy with them living in my house LOL.

So, we'll see. It's just been for sale for 3 days afterall.

It would have been cool to sale it in 24 hours though :O)

**Don't worry, we won't simply " hold" the house for her. She called again this morning, and I made it absolutely clear that without a contract and earnest money, we won't hold it. I've got another showing already scheduled for tomorrow. I do wish the couple from this morning would go into contract, though because I really liked them. I think they would love my little house :o).

p.s. We've got a place to move now if it sells. It will be ready in about a month, around the time we would close if we sell the house in the next few days. I'll be the queen of a double-wide for about 6-8 months, but it will be an adventure :o). Actually, it's pretty nice for a mobile home (no offense intended if you live in one, I just never have - so it'll be new).

Blogger Esther said...
Don't hold the house for the weird lady. Go ahead and sell to people you don't mind leaving next to your current neighbors, and sign with folks who can actually afford to buy the home.

Blogger Troy and Rachel said...
Absolutely don't hold the house without a deposit and a signed contract!! I am a real estate paralegal and would flip if someone asked me to do that!! (I have also sold a home by owner and if you have any questions anytime, let me know - of course I can't give legal advice, but maybe I could help!!)

Blogger C.C. said...
LOL - At least it's not the RV like we lived in!

Blogger U.N. Mama said...
Now I've got that song stuck in my head! ha ha This is fun to read and see what happens next :o)

Blogger Lea said...
Wow, this is going fast! Good for you. I hope you sell it soon to someone you like. As much as you are showing it, it will probably go fast.

Blogger mommyto5 said...
Wow congrats on the showings, and selling it yourself, I am very impressed sounds like it will happen ery soon for you. Best wishes! We are trying to sell too,lots of showings but no offers for us yet:(

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