Long time no blog, huh?
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Did you wonder if I had dropped off the face of the earth?

Hubby had a conference last week in the DFW metroplex and D and I went with him. We thought we were going to rest and relax and luxuriate in this princess hotel all week - NOT.

We were busy, busy! We did swim a few times but no shopping or any girly stuff like that.

D had her eye doctor check up on Tuesday morning and we were surprised at the news that she would have to have more eye surgery - on FRIDAY! The only dates open were July 6 or the end of August (when she would already be back in school). So while we were there . . .

On Tuesday night D and I met up with Debbie and went to the movie and saw Ratatoullie and it was super cute, only Debbie was scared by the little ghosty-chef guy ;oP After the movie we went to Chili's and had some late supper, D was up late that night. We had a good time visiting with Debbie!

On Wednesday, we woke up and made our cute little Fourth of July Flip-flops and painted D's toe-nails red/white/blue. Then we went to lunch at Hubby's best friend forever (literally) parent's house in Plano. Then we had to rush back to the hotel for hubby's next meeting at 2:45 and D and I hit the pool. Boy was it crowded! The first day the outdoor pool had been open. It didn't even register to me that it WAS a holiday afterall :O) I called Debbie that afternoon to learn about the accreditation news. We didn't get online because the business center was 50 cents per minute and a half mile away from our room. Yes, we are the only people in America with no laptop!

Thursday D and I went and visited my daddy and step-mom for several hours (they live only 18 miles from the hotel) we hadn't seen them in a couple of months. Then back to the hotel for D to swim. I had started coming down with a cold on Wednesday, so I didn't swim, just sat on the side while she played with some kids
D and I ordered Pizza Hut delivered and had a slumber party (till 9) in our hotel room, she thought that was way cool.

Friday we went to the Pediatric Surgery Center and D did so well with her surgery. She was a real trooper - again. This was a much cooler place than we went to for her last surgery, this was all for kids and they were wonderful. If you're in the DFW area and your child needs surgery, this is a wonderful place.

Saturday morning we headed home. I was feeling awful with this yucky summer cold. It has settled in my ears and chest and I've been a wimp with it.

I'm really excited, and yet a little jealous ( I must admit) for those whose agencies were re-accredited last week. I'm praying like crazy that ours comes soon.

I've gone through waves of numbness, waves of urgency and waves of despair in this 16 months that we've waited to go back for V. I'm in a wave of urgency right now! I hope I stay in this wave until she's home!!

Blogger jessy said...
I was wondering where you had gone off to. I'll cancel that APB. Glad to hear that the surgery went well. Are they expecting that she will have to have more? Yes, please, please let this be the last wave. Amen

Blogger Amy said...
Welcome back--glad you had time away. Glad that D's surgery went well. Holding my breath with you that the next few months will reopen the door for you to travel to back to Russia. Blessings.

Blogger JennStar said...
I hope you're feeling better!! And I'm so glad that D did so well for her surgery!!!

Blogger kaymommy said...
Wow, you HAVE been busy. Glad to hear everything went well with D's surgery.

Blogger Lisa said...
Things are really about to start moving in Russia I think, so your good news has to be coming SOON!

Blogger Rachael said...
Glad you're back blogging, and that D's surgery went well.

The reaccreditation news just means your time is coming that much sooner. At least it's something right? Hang in there.

Blogger Robin said...
Suz - so glad to "see" you again! Glad D's surgery went well. I may need the name of that doc! Hope you are feeling better!

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